Mike Moser

Email me at Moser@stoneandwaterproductions.com 

Paddler Name:  Mike Moser or just Moser since my parents didn’t give me an original name
Creek Boat:  Jackson Super Hero, Bliss-stick Mystic
Playboat:  Jackson Super Star
Paddle: Werner PowerHouse for creeking, Werner SideKick for play
Favorite Rivers:  North Fork Payette, SF Salmon, Succor Creek, Deep Creek, Lochsa, Owyhee
Favorite Play Spots: Tri-Max (Payette), Bennett’s (Payette), Bladder Wave (Payette), 36th St Wave (Boise), Chair Creek (Salmon), Gold’s Hole (Salmon), Rodeo Hole (Salmon)
Paddler History:  Started about 6 or 7 years ago. Got lucky and paddled for Pyranha as a local paddler and got some free boats for a while and got people in them. I was/still am a Bliss-stick Demo center. I was the BSU Kayak Club President for the last 3 years of my schooling.   
Paddling Accomplishments: Named a waterfall after my late Uncle, First known hardshell descent of Succor Creek, First known descent of Clover Creek, Owyhee River (15,000 cfs), Golden Canyon (5,000 cfs), Big Falls, blah, blah, blah
Why I Paddle: I paddle because it takes me away from the home life, from the work life, and gets me out in nature. I paddle because it is a lifestyle that I enjoy and that has taken hold of me. I paddle because I love exploring new things. I paddle because I love the sound of what’s just around the corner and the feeling that I get in my gut because of those sounds. I don’t paddle for anyone else. I don’t feel that I have to paddle so many days on the North Fork because I have something to prove to everyone around me or myself. I know what I have done, what I am capable of, what I want to do. I paddle for the fun of it, for the joy of it. I am a kayaker. That is what I am, I cannot help that. It burns too deep at this time of my life. I am not a creeker, I am not a playboater, I am strictly a paddler that loves it all.