Michael V. Copeland

Phone (208) 830-3640


Address   2209 North 13th Apt ABoise Idaho 83702



Age: 24

DOB: 8/29/1983

Years Paddling: 3

Born: Boise, Idaho

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 190 lbs

Creek Boat: Bliss-Stick SCUD & Mystic

Play Boat: Bliss-Stick RAD 185

Favorite Creek: Soldier Creek, Oregon. It has it all. Steep, low volume creeking AND big water once you reach the Owyhee River, plus it is a multi day.

Place of residence: Boise, Idaho




·              Paddled 230+ days my first season and 280+ days my second season.

·              Over 160 days on the North Fork Payette last year

·            Appeared on the Outdoor Idaho for the “Extremely Idaho” episode as a part of the first full High Definition episode for Outdoor Idaho.

·              First descents logged

o       Soldier Creek, Oregon                               o       Harris Creek, Idaho

     o         Clover Creek, Idaho                                  o         Canyon Creek, Idaho

·              Semi-Exploratory / rarely paddled runs completed

o       Upper Johnson Creek

o       Deep Creek

o       Succor Creek

§       second descent, first time paddled in over 10 years

§       have since logged the third, fourth, and fifth descents as well

o       Wind River Idaho

o       South Fork Salmon above Goat Creek Section

o       South Fork Salmon below Goat Creek Section

o       Bear Creek Idaho

o       Warm Springs Creek Idaho (hadn't been paddled sense 1997, a true classic)

o       Big Sands Creek Idaho




o       South Fork Payette Staircase Section

o       Lower Main Payette

o       Main Payette

o       South Fork Payette Canyon Section

o       South Fork Payette Grand Jean Section

o       East Fork South Fork Salmon

o       Upper East Fork South Fork Salmon

o       Boise River

o       Bliss Section of the Snake River

o       Snake River above Hagerman

o       Brittenbush River, Oregon

o       Clackamas River, Oregon

o       Deadwood River

o       Cabarton Section North Fork Payette River

o       Alder Creek Section South Fork Payette

o       Middle Fork Payette

o       Scrambled Egg Section of the Weber River

o       Weber River Town Stretch

o       Payette River between Emmett and Snake River

o       Main Salmon River

o       Clear Creek

o       Johnson Creek

o       South Fork Salmon Canyon

o       Goat Creek Section of the South Fork Salmon

o       Wind River, Washington

o       North Fork Payette

o       Little Salmon River

o       Upper Little Salmon River

o       Hazard Creek

o       Box Canyon

o       Succor Creek

o       Deep Creek

o       Riley Creek

o       Lower Malad River

o       Murtaugh Canyon of the Snake River

o       South Fork Clearwater Mickey Mouse Section

o       South Fork Clearwater Golden Canyon Section

o       Fish Creek

o       Lower Lochsa River

o       Little White Salmon, Washington

o       White Salmon Middle Section, Washington

o       White Salmon The Green Truss Section, Washington

o       Selway River, Idaho 

o       Upper and Lower Lochsa, Idaho 

o       Lolo Creek, Idaho 

o       Bear Creek, Montana 


o       The Gutter, Payette River

o       Bladder Wave, Payette River

o       Climax Wave, Payette River

o       Tri-Max Wave, Payette River

o       Airtime Hole, North Fork Payette

o       Rodeo Hole, Salmon River

o       Gold Hole, Salmon River

o       Chair Creek, Salmon River

o       180 Wave, Salmon River

o       Middle Fork Payette Wave

o       36th Street Wave, Boise River

o       Opium Hole, Snake River

o       Bliss Wave, Snake River

o       Rattlesnake, White Salmon

o       Pipeline, Lochsa River

o       Cat’s Paw, Salmon River

o       Trash Can, South Fork Payette

o       Canyon Wave, South Fork Payette

o       Weber River Play Park

o       The Weir, Boise River



While on the aforementioned rivers and creeks, I have met with numerous paddlers of varying skill levels and abilities. During this time, I have had the opportunity to:


·              Mentor other paddlers of all skill levels and help them progress in the sport

·              Write run descriptions for the upcoming Idaho guidebook

·              Act as a representative of the boating community by talking with concerned citizens/property owners who are worried that kayaking is just a bunch of “crazy people” who disregard safety

·              Reach an audience well outside of the paddling community while appearing on the television show “Outdoor Idaho”

o       http://www.idahoptv.com/outdoors/shows/extremelyidaho/icywhitewater.cfm




·        Succor Creek Description - http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=1127

·        North Fork Payette Description - http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=1122 (Lower 5)

         http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=897 (Middle 5)

         http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=66 (Upper 5)

·        Upper Johnson Creek Description - http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=899

·        Bliss-Stick SCUD Review –



·        Clover Creek Description




·        Bliss Stick Kayaks - http://www.bliss-stick.com/default.aspx?pageid=243

·        Pacific Northwest Boater - http://pnwb.blogspot.com/2007/09/i-da-ho.html

·        Columbia River Gorge Productions – http://gorgehits.com

·        Oregon Kayaking -http://www.oregonkayaking.net/rivers/goat_creek/goat_creek.html

·        Idaho the Whitewater State - www.idahothewhitewaterstate.com

·        Dream Flows - www.dreamflows.com

·        Paddling Life Magazine - www.paddlinglife.net

·        Eddy Flower - www.eddyflower.com

·        Eat Sleep Paddle – eat-sleep-paddle.blogspot.com




 Founder and owner of Stone and Water Productions, a production company dedicated to documenting the discovery of new runs in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and beyond. Stone and Water Productions also prides itself in capturing historical milestones in the local boating community.


Frequent contributor to the following paddling forums

·        Kayak Idaho – www.kayakidaho.com

·        Boise_boater – groups.yahoo.com/group/boise_boaters

·        Idaho Whitewater – groups.yahoo.com/group/Idahowhitewater

·        MySpace – www.myspace.com/copeland11



Founder of the Yahoo group Boise boaters, a site for people to find others to boat with, no matter if its a group traveling through looking for some locals to show them the lines, a beginner just getting into the sport looking for advice, or just someone looking to get a quick after work run in. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boise_boaters


   Taken by me:

·        Paddler: Mike Moser    Run: Deep Creek

o       Location:  Paddling Life Magazine "Money Shot"

o       www.paddlinglife.net/uploads/potd_10_23_2007.jpg

·        Paddler: The whole Crew   Run: Succor Creek  

o       Location: www.dreamflows.com

·        Paddler: Phil Chattin   Run: Murtaugh  

o       Location: Eddy Flower

o       http://www.eddyflower.com/UploadedImages/2636.JPG


                       Photos of me taken by others:                                        

·        Photo taken by: Chris Pajak   Run: Upper Johnson Creek 

o       Location: www.eddyflower.com/RapidDetail.aspx?RapidId=756

·        Photos taken by: Randy Eggert   Run: North Fork Payette  

o       Location: http://www.bliss-stick.com/default.aspx?pageid=243

·        Photos taken by:  Phil Chattin   Run: North Fork Payette  

o       Location: www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=897

o       Location: www.eddyflower.com/RunDetail.aspx?RunId=1122

·        Photo taken by: Chris Pajak   Run: East Fork South Fork Salmon  

o       Location: www.eddyflower.com/RapidDetail.aspx?RapidId=754

·        Photo taken by: Wes Cook   Run: Murtaugh section of the Snake

o       Location: http://www.eddyflower.com/UploadedImages/2635.jpg

·        Photo taken by:  Phil Chattin Run:  South Fork Payette

o       Location: http://paddlinglife.net/paddling_life_contest_detail.php?id=109



·        Ran my first class 4 river (South Fork Payette) after only three weeks of being in a kayak

·        Ran the South Fork Payette at record high flows (14,000 cfs) after my ninth month of kayaking

·        Ran the North Fork Payette in my first ten months of paddling at 3500 cfs

·        Ran the North Fork “top to bottom” in my thirteenth month of kayaking

·        Organizing a class 5 exploratory trip within my first 6 months of kayaking and paddled it successfully as well as returned numerous times to the creek since to take others down it.