Seeking Music
Looking for all types of music for the upcoming film

I am currently seeking bands with orignial content for an upcoming kayaking film.


Right now I’m finishing up a kayaking film shot during this past year and am submitting it into film festivals and will be premiering it in the spring throughout the western US. It features some local bands such as IQEQ, Bellamy Rose, Cap Gun Suicide, and The Open Source. The film is about a group of kayakers going throughout Idaho and the PNW exploring new rivers and creeks.


The next film (the one I’m looking for music), I will start filming this spring. I will be working closely with a non-profit called First Descents ( exploring even more un run creeks and rivers throughout the western US. I will be doing this to raise awareness of terminal cancer in young adults. If I am able to use your music, i will put a link from my website ( to your website; your music will go to a wide audience throughout the Western US. Your music will be featured in my film with full credit to you, and film clips and trailers will be available to watch through my sponsor’s websites. My sponsors are located through out the world (United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA) so viewership will be world wide.


You can check out video clips of the upcoming project on the following sites as an example:



Thanks for your time,


Mike Copeland

208 830-3640